May 2019

What About The Law? Part 2

Text: Matthew 5:21-26, 22:37-40

The whole of the law and the prophets can be summarized by one word – relationships. First with God, 2nd with our neighbors, 3rd with animals, and 4th with our environment. In our passage today, Jesus illustrates that the key to loving God and our neighbor begins in the mind long before it moves to action.

The Attitudes of Relationship Part 2

Continuing to look at the key attitudes Jesus is looking for in His people.

April 2019

Introduction to the Sermon On The Mount

The sermon on the mount is the longest sermon of Jesus recorded in the Scripture. In it Jesus describes the traits he is looking for in His followers. These traits are direct contradictions to the cultural norms and Jesus explains that to embrace them will stir up controversy and opposition. For the next several months we are going to study what Jesus is saying and striving to understand how it applies to us today.

Palm Sunday

What is Really at Stake Come Passion Week?

This season is the focus and foundation of our faith. Most of the time we focus on the “what?” and “how?” of the story, but this year we will be looking at the “why?”. What is really at stake? It is far broader than just the salvation of men.

March 2019

What Are The Lessons Learned

As we close out the series on Colossians, Pastor Gareth leaves us with some main points from the series that we can build into our lives.

Honoring Those On The Journey With You

Technical note: Pastor Gareth’s mic died in the middle of the message so there is a period of about 4 minutes where you can only hear what was picked up by the room mics. We amplified the volume during that time so that you can still hear him however sound clarity was affected.

The Priority of Prayer

Last week we looked at the two types of power and our power is exercised by influence. Prayer is the connection to the source of power and if we are connected properly, things and people around us begin to be affected.

Living With Awareness – Part 4

This passage gives some basic instructions on different levels of relationship. As we look closer we see that the underlying basis of these instructions are to tell us to be aware of the effect of our words and actions have on those whom we are in relationship with.

Living With Awareness – Part 3