January 2019

Contending for the Faith

Text: Colossians 1:24 – 2:5
Suffering, mystery, contending, hidden treasure: these have long been used to confuse, deceive and discourage believers from stepping with confidence into the victory we have in Jesus. Paul addresses these in this passage to dispel the lies of the enemy.

A Guide To Prayer

As we begin this season of prayer and growing our relationship with Jesus, we will start by studying the book of Colossians. Often people wonder, “How should I pray for my own growth and the growth of my fellow believers?” In this message, we will look at two of the prayers of Paul for the church and see a pattern he used.

September 2018

Growing More Like Jesus

Pastor Gareth discusses how we are predestined for growth and becoming more like Jesus in this world.

August 2018

You Are Chosen With A Purpose!

July 2018

The Purpose of Trials and Temptation

As children of God, our Father through Jesus has provided an inheritance for us that cannot be stolen or compromised by outside sources. While the Eternal is secure our working out the relationship of being a child of God goes on. We soon realize we are in a war of experiencing trials and temptations.

June 2018

Father’s Day

April 2018

Easter: Resurrection and Expansion

Death is defeated. Jesus is alive! Eternity begins.

February 2018

Why Water into Wine?

Why water into wine? This is the first miracle Jesus did in his 30 years of life. Why is it important?

January 2018

Behold the Lamb

The Beginning of Revelation

The ministry of John the Baptist was so unique and different that even though it was in the open, it was not understood by the religious leaders of the time. Not much has changed.