October 2017

Understanding My Place

Ascribe Unto The Lord

September 2017

Making The Choice To Rejoice

Thy Kingdom Come

Pastor Gareth Forney talks about the individual’s role in the Kingdom of God, what God has planned for us, and the importance of seeing the big picture.

April 2017


We were created to worship and we all are worshiping something. We can’t help ourselves. In iWorship, we learn how to view worship in its truest form. We learn that it really is all about God. We learn how to take our worship to the next level.


God tells us that when we earnestly seek him, he will reward us.  As wonderful as God’s rewards are, there is also great danger in being blessed.  iExperience teaches us how to seek God, receive his rewards and remain humble so that we can continue to experience God and not be ruined with pride.

March 2017


Waiting.  It sounds so easy but it can be SO HARD! Have you been waiting on God to do something miraculous in your life?  In iWait, we learn the 5 principles for waiting on God to do a miracle in our lives. We learn why waiting is actually a good thing!


Seeing is believing but believing is about more than just seeing. In “iBelieve” we learn that sometimes we have to believe it before we see it. If we don’t believe, all of the things we haven’t experienced, we never will experience.


If we want to see God move like he did in the early church, we have to be willing to do what the early church did. They didn’t chase after the miracles, they chased after God. In “iSeek” we learn how to seek after God and find him. We learn how to get closer to […]


Most of us know when we sin against God and most of us try to hide it. We try to hide it from others and from God. Our natural tendency is to cover it up and hope no one notices.  So, by thinking we are hiding it from God, we are only fooling ourselves. He […]